Corporate Social Responsibility

We acknowledge our responsibility in the society as a leading company in the infrastructure business and are constantly seeking what is good for the society when we operate business. Through healthy business activities, we will continue to contribute in building a prosperous society in which we all can feel comfortable to live.

Through our core business and services, we will work to fulfill our social responsibility in a sustainable manner.

Along with our CSR activities, we provide various programs for every Asahi Net member to participate in the hope to make our society better, together.

Long-term Food Assistance Donation Program


We offer monthly food assistance donation program to help eliminate hunger and poverty around the world.

Donations from Asahi Net and members are used for food aid in areas experiencing starvation and poverty through United Nations World Food Programme, which is the only food assistance organization in the United Nations.

Current donation amount23,524,900 yen

  • As of end December 2021.

Great East Japan Earthquake Donation Program


A donation program is offered hoping for the earliest possible recovery of the people in the disaster-affected area.

Donations from Asahi Net and members are used for restoration of the area through Japanese Red Cross Society.

Current donation amount161,404,900 yen

  • As of end March 2020.

Green Option (Carbon Offsets)

Energy Green

Internet connection services require use of telecommunication devices such as servers and personal computers, emitting CO2 that leads to global warming.

While reducing CO2 emission through energy saving efforts, we also offer internet connection services that employs carbon offset program to address to CO2 emission.

Amount of green power purchased465,073 kWh

  • As of end December 2021.