Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible infrastructure service provider, Asahi Net is always mindful of what we can do for the good, as we develop our business. We aim to contribute to create a comfortable and enriching society through healthy and sustainable corporate activities.

Asahi Net continues to strive achieving sustainable, socially responsible duties through developing our business and services.

Along with our CSR activities, we provide various programs for every Asahi Net member to participate in the hope to make our society better, together.

Long-term Food Assistance Donation Program


We offer monthly food assistance donation program to help eliminate hunger and poverty around the world.

All the contribution made from Asahi Net and its members will be used to help hunger in the impoverished area around the world through the United Nation’s World Food Programme.

Current Donations20,663,700 yen

  • As of June 2019

Great East Japan Earthquake Donation Program


With hope for the earliest possible rehabilitation of those in the disaster area, we have launched this donation Web page that Asahi Net members may use to make donations.

In pair with contributions made from Asahi Net, all donations made by members are utilized for the damage inflicted area through Japanese Red Cross Society.

Current Donations159,141,200 yen

  • As of June 2019

Green Option (Carbon Offsets)


Internet connection service requires high amount of electrical power with the constant use of servers and computers resulting high CO2 emission, one of the large element of global warming.

While trying our best for the energy conservation, Asahi Net also provide a carbon offset mechanism in our service charge structure, named by Green Option, enabling members to make a choice to fund power generation through natural energy.

Amount of Earned Green Energy367,262 kWh

  • As of June 2019