Great East Japan Earthquake Donation

Great East Japan Earthquake Donation Scheme

With hope for the earliest possible rehabilitation of those in the disaster area, we have launched this donation Web page that Asahi Net members may use to make donations.

There is a long road ahead to the recovery of the disaster area following the immense damage inflicted on it by the earthquake and tsunami and so we think that long-term reconstruction assistance is required. By making a donation every month together with their Asahi Net Internet service charge, our members will be able to provide sustained support for the recovery of the disaster area and those living in it.

In pair with contributions made from Asahi Net, all donations made by members are utilized for the damage inflicted area through Japanese Red Cross Society.

Current Donation155,932,100 yen
(from 76,821 participants)

  • As of June 2018
Donation made payable to; Japan Red Cross Society
Donation accepted from; March 24th, 2011
Plans for Members Starting from 100yen; donation amount can be increased by 100 yen (tax-exempt)
  • The donation is automatically made with the payment of monthly service charge.


To date, the following donations have been made.
Thank you for your contribution and continued support.

【Donated to】Japanese Red Cross Society


Month Collected Total
April 110,000,000 yen
June 3,815,000 yen
August 2,106,500 yen
September 954,600 yen
October 938,600 yen
November 889,400 yen
December 858,800 yen


Month Collected Total
January 839,500 yen
February 824,600 yen
March 800,200 yen
April 773,900 yen
May 757,100 yen
June 727,600 yen
July 705,100 yen
August 685,800 yen
September 670,200 yen
October 659,600 yen
November 651,500 yen
December 642,300 yen


Month Collected Total
January 635,000 yen
February 624,000 yen
March 614,800 yen
April 591,600 yen
May 590,000 yen
June 578,000 yen
July 570,800 yen
August 562,300 yen
September 557,300 yen
October 552,500 yen
November 546,300 yen
December 537,400 yen


Month Collected Total
January 533,100 yen
February 522,500 yen
March 515,100 yen
April 507,700 yen
May 502,200 yen
June 498,700 yen
July 492,300 yen
August 488,000 yen
September 485,600 yen
October 481,700 yen
November 470,300 yen
December 462,200 yen


Month Collected Total
January 451,300 yen
February 444,000 yen
March 432,200 yen
April 424,100 yen
May 423,000 yen
June 416,100 yen
July 411,700 yen
August 405,700 yen
September 403,300 yen
October 400,600 yen
November 390,600 yen
December 387,400 yen


Month Collected Total
January 384,300 yen
February 367,100 yen
March 364,000 yen
April 362,300 yen
May 356,200 yen
June 349,000 yen
July 346,200 yen
August 343,700 yen
September 340,500 yen
October 337,600 yen
November 332,400 yen
December 330,100 yen


Month Collected Total
January 325,800 yen
February 323,400 yen
March 317,400 yen
April 314,200 yen
May 323,100 yen
June 319,700 yen
July 317,600 yen
August 312,000 yen
September 210,600 yen
October 300,500 yen
November 298,800 yen
December 297,900 yen


Month Collected Total
January 293,900 yen
February 280,900 yen
March 278,300 yen
April 277,900 yen
May 276,500 yen
June 273,300 yen

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