World Food Programme

Food Assistance Donation Scheme

The world’s hunger and poverty crisis is imminent.

In the areas inflicted by disasters and chronic poverty, there are estimated to be close to 1 billion mal-and-undernourished people worldwide who suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

We have launched a donation scheme to enable even a small contribution to assist these people.

All the contribution made from Asahi Net and its members will be used to help hunger in the impoverished area around the world through the United Nation’s World Food Programme.

Current Donations18,483,600 yen

  • As of September 2017
Donation Payable to The United Nations World Food Programme
Plans for Members Starting from 100 yen and up by 100’s per month (non taxable)
  • You are welcome to donate more than one unit.
  • The donation is automatically made with the payment of monthly service charge.

Basic Mechanism

All donations collected from our members are fully contributed to the United Nations World Food Programme and be utilized for humanitarian aids including emergency food assistance.


Matching Gift Program

When a new customer chooses to participate our Food Assistance Scheme for UN World Food Programme with the Asahi Net membership application, Asahi Net add 1200 yen donation per person. This program is subjected to new Asahi Net FTTH with FLET’S Service Course Users.



  • All proceeds made from members will be donated to UNWFP.
  • For details , please visit WFP.

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