Asahi Net IPv6 Connection Service

Asahi Net IPv6 Connection Service is a roaming service using native IPv6 internet connection, offered to operators of ISP business.

This service enables ISP to provide native IPv6 internet connection with its telecommunication services (VNO) to its members who are using NTT East/NTT West FLET’S Hikari Next or FLET’S Hikari Light. There is no need for the ISP to set up its own telecommunication facilities.

Service Overview

Native IPv6 Internet Connection

  • IPv6 internet connection is available on NTT East/NTT West FLET’S network
  • One Asahi Net IPv6 address is provided for each FLET’S line, which the user of this service is subscribing.
  • To use this service, subscription of FLET’ v6 Option is required, which is an optional service for the FLET’S line supplied by NTT East/NTT West.

Illustration of native IPv6 internet connection

ISP Service Order System

  • When a user applies to NTT East/NTT West or Asahi Net, details of their contract or application for the FLET’S line can be referenced on the service order system.
  • Allows ISP to refer to status and results of applications.
  • Open API for the service order system is available. This will enable ISP to link with its customer management system.

Steps to Using the Service

  1. Step 1
    Make an inquiry to Asahi Net
  2. Step 2
    Asahi Net sales representative contacts you

Approx. three business days

  1. Step 3
    Interview on needs and requests concerning the service
  2. Step 4
    Asahi Net sales representative proposes a plan

Approx. one month

  1. Step 5
    Apply for the service
  2. Step 6
    Develop API link
  3. Step 7
    Start using the service

Approx. two to three months

Inquiries for this Service

Sales Department, Asahi Net, Inc.

Inquiries regarding business partnership (Japanese)