April 1, 2021

Start of Provision of DS-Lite Connection Services for ISP Asahi Net Members


Asahi Net, Inc. (First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange; Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Jiro Hijikata) has started to provide IPv4 over IPv6 Connection Services in DS-Lite (hereinafter referred to as this Service) for the members of ISP Asahi Net which the company operates, starting April 1, 2021.

1. Overview

As the traffic of the internet continues to increase, Asahi Net has been promoting internet connection services in IPoE using FLET’S network by NTT (NGN) and Asahi Net’s VNE to provide the customers with high-quality internet connection services in reasonable prices.

This Service is an IPv4 Connection Service in IPoE. Customers will be offered with a more comfortable internet experience, with a more simplified device setup such as not requiring input of ID/password in routers. Asahi Net will also continue to offer the existing IPv4 Connection Services in PPPoE.

Asahi Net has been providing this Service with Asahi Net Hikari Cross, a service which offers approximate maximum speed of 10 Gbps, since April 2020. Major router manufacturers have added supported devices to their lineups, and this Service is available from all customers using FLET'S from April 2021.

To improve and enhance the internet connection services to fulfill the customers’ needs to a greater extent, Asahi Net will make the effort by continuing to maintain the quality of the existing IPv4 Connection Service (PPPoE) and IPv6 Connection Service (IPoE) as well as by working on to increase the supported devices for the new IPv4 Connection Services (IPoE).

  • ISP Asahi Net offers IPv6 Connection Feature (IPv4 over IPv6 Connection) by using the v6 Connect Service, an IPv6 Connection Service for telecommunications carriers.
2. Start of Service

April 1, 2021 (Thursday)

3. Service Details
Service Name IPv6 Connection Feature
(IPv4 over IPv6 Connection)
Communication Method DS-Lite
Price No additional charge
Available Fiber-optic
Connection Services
  • Asahi Net FTTH with FLET’S
  • Asahi Net docomo Hikari
  • FLET’S Hikari Next
  • FLET’S Hikari Light
Supported Routers
(As of April 1, 2021)
<I-O Data Device>
  • WN-DX1200GR
<NEC Platforms>
  • Aterm WG1200HS4
  • Aterm WG1200HP4
  • XG-100NE (Only for line equivalent to FLET’S Hikari Cross)
  • PR-600KI / PR-600MI / RX-600KI / RX-600MI / PR-500KI / PR-500MI / RT-500KI / RT-500MI / RS-500KI* / RS-500MI*
  • Only available in NTT EAST.
  • WSR-1166DHPL2

The number of supported routers will be expanded in the near future.

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Please refer to the following service page for details and how to apply.

IPv6 Connection Feature (IPv4 over IPv6 Connection)