Asahi Net by Figures

Corporate at a glance

  • 27yrs
    Since Incorporation
    Asahi Net emerged in 1990, at the dawn of the Internet. Since the beginning, we have constantly strived to make the Internet a more reliable and convenient service.
  • 8.7billion
    Fiscal year 2016 marked 8.7 billion yen sales. For the past five consecutive years, Asahi Net has consistently broken its sales record.
  • 1min
    Walk from Higashi Ginza(H09) station
    Our office is located in Kabukiza tower, which is annexed to Tokyo Metro Higashi Ginza (H09) station from which it only takes 1 minute.
  • 88.3%
    Equity-to-Asset Ratio
    This is the fiscal year 2016 result (ending March 31st, 2017). We have high equity-asset ratio. Our stable financial base is our strength.
  • 3.64%
    Dividend Yield
    This is the fiscal year 2016 result (ending March 31st, 2017). Returning profits to our shareholders is a top management priority for the company. We aim for a stable dividend.

Employees at a glance

  • 36.9yrs old
    Employees Average Age
    This is the average age of employees working at Asahi Net. There is a good balance across all age groups.
  • 206
    Number of Employees
    This is the number of people working at Asahi Net. Every day we achieve growth and progress by combining the strengths of our unique employees.
  • 52:48
    Gender Ratio
    Asahi Net enjoys the well balanced gender equality with 52% male and 48% female.
  • 100%
    Returning Employee Rate after their parental leave
    All employees who took childbearing leave come back to work again at Asahi Net. As of April 2017, all 3 employees who took the leave are now back.
  • 50%
    Ratio of Male Employee who took parental leave
    In the fiscal year 2016, two out of four male employees who had a newborn in their family took parental leave for six-months and another for one month.
  • 6 nations
    Employees Nationality
    Asahi Net is proud of the ethnic diversity in our workplace, with employees from various countries including Canada, China, France, South Africa, UK and the USA.

Business at a glance

  • 1st
    Customer Satisfaction Rankings
    Asahi Net is selected as the top Internet service provider in Japan in various third party surveys, such as Oricon and Nikkei. In 2016, we marked No.1 in RBB Today.
  • 1.1%
    Cancellation Rate
    This figure is based on 2016 results. We have maintained very low cancellation rate.
  • 40k
    Business Service Users
    In addition to the conventional Internet services, a growing number of businesses is installing Internet lines for security cameras. With a quality of network service and the highly skilled support team, business service users are also increasing.
  • 76
    Using manaba Institution-wide
    Since the launch of Asahi Net's learning support and management system, manaba, in 2007, we have been successful with our missions of bringing innovation to education. A growing number of universities are implementing manaba institution-wide.
  • 597k
    manaba members
    One in 5 university students* in Japan, uses manaba. In 2015, our real-time multi-participants training and learning application, called respon, was recognized in the Japan e-learning awards and won the best awards in the active-learning division.

* Based on 2014 statistics of college students in Japan and manaba users.

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