Asahi Net by Figures

Corporate at a glance

  • 31 years
    Since foundation
    Asahi Net started business in 1990, at the dawn of the Internet. Ever since the start of the company, we have been committed to improve the quality of internet connection services.
  • 11.3 billion yen
    Sales for FY2020 (ended March 31, 2021) marked 11.3 billion. Asahi Net has achieved a record-high sales for nine consecutive years.
  • 1 minute
    Walk from the station
    Our office is located in the 21st floor of Kabukiza tower, which is directly connected to Tokyo Metro Higashi-ginza Station. The office is a minute walk from the station.
  • 85.3%
    Equity capital ratio
    Equity capital ratio for FY2020 (ended March 31, 2021) was 85.3%. We have a high equity capital ratio. Our strength lies in the stable financial base.
  • 2.41%
    Dividend yield
    Dividend yield for FY2020 (ended March 31, 2021) is 2.41%. Returning profits to shareholders is an important management issue, and our basic policy is to continuously provide a steady dividend profit.

Employees at a glance

  • 39.3 years old
    Average age of employees
    The average age of employees working at Asahi Net is 38.8 years old. Employee age profile is well balanced across all age groups.
  • 210 employees
    Number of employees
    There are 185 employees working at Asahi Net. Our employees, each with a unique talent, work in team propelling the company to grow and evolve.
  • 51:49
    Gender ratio
    The gender ratio of Asahi Net employees is 51% male and 49% female, roughly divided equally between the two genders. We have a gender-diverse working environment.
  • 100%
    Return to work rate of employees after maternity/parental leave
    All employees who took maternity/parental leave have returned to work.
  • 75%
    Rate of employees taking paternity leave
    In FY2020, four male employees welcomed new babies to their families, and of which three employees took paternity leave for several months.
  • 2 days a week
    No-overtime days
    As part of the work style reform, Asahi Net sets every Wednesday and Friday as no-overtime days, encouraging employees to leave the office without working overtime on a company-wide basis.

Business at a glance

  • 1st place
    Customer satisfaction of
    Asahi Net

    In 2020, we won first place in RBB Today Broadband Award for seven consecutive years.
    We were also ranked first in RBB TODAY Telework Award 2021 ISP Category, chosen by companies implementing telework.

  • 638,000 members
    Number of Asahi Net members
    There are 638,000 Asahi Net members. Our good-quality network and strong member support are valued by our members, attracting many to be a long-time member.
  • 47,909 firms
    Number of Business
    Service members

    There are 47,909 Asahi Net Business Service member firms.

    In addition to use in offices, recently internet is used for IoT/M2M such as surveillance cameras. Leveraging our strength in the ISP business, we provide services to firms and individual business owners, and the number of business service members is increasing.

  • 0.79%
    Asahi Net membership
    churn rate
    Membership churn rate was 0.79% in FY2020. Backed up by a high customer satisfaction, membership churn rate is retained very low.
  • 98 schools
    Number of schools implementing manaba institution-wide*
    Learning management system of manaba was launched in 2007. With the aim to bring innovation to education, we provide services to educational institutions across the nation.
    • 98 universities and junior colleges are using manaba in their schools as a whole.
  • 793,000 students
    Number of manaba
    member students
    One in four university students* in Japan are using manaba. From the launch of the service in 2007, along with the steady increase of the number of schools implementing manaba, the number of manaba users has been growing.
    • Calculation based on the number of university students indicated in the Statistical Abstract 2020 Edition issued by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the number of manaba member students.
  • All data are as of end of March 2021.

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