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Pursuing the common good

Jiro Hijikata, President

Thank you very much for your exceptional patronage and support.

Since our incorporation, we have maintained profit surplus for the past consecutive 27 years, evidence achieved by our stable management and high business profitability.

We continue to see a steady increase in membership of our Internet connection business with the promotion of our FTTH services, or Asahi Net Hikari, a collaborative business model of fiber-optic technology. We also extensively focus on corporate members to bring about more enriching Internet service with our business solutions.

In addition to our ISP business, we see high potentiality in the area of education for which we are expanding the marketing of our learning management system manaba. As increasing number of contacts have been made by our partnering companies, we see more business opportunities in prospects.

We recognize ourselves as a responsible infrastructure service provider. We will continue to challenge for the sustainable growth as we progress and seek what the common good can be.

As always, we sincerely appreciate the continued support and encouragement of all shareholders.

June 2017
Jiro Hijikata, President
Asahi Net, Inc.