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Pursuing the common good

Jiro Hijikata, President

Since the start of our business, we have been making profit for 31 consecutive years and maintaining a stable business with high profitability.

In ISP Asahi Net, we are promoting the expansion of AsahiNet Hikari, a service applying Hikari collaboration model, and at the same time expanding solution services to business users, and seeing a steady increase in the number of members.

Regarding VNE v6 Connect, we have been enhancing the collaboration with our partner telecommunications carrier, and it has been progressing to contribute to our business.

The number of institutions implementing the learning management system manaba has also been increasing. With the growing number of online classes, the number of users is also growing.

We will continue to drive revenue expansion measures each tailored for Asahi Net, v6 Connect, and manaba, which are determined as our main businesses.

We acknowledge our responsibility in the society as a leading company in the infrastructure business and strive for sustainable growth of the company while constantly seeking what is good for the society.

We sincerely appreciate our shareholders for their continued support and encouragement.

June 2021
Jiro Hijikata, President
Asahi Net, Inc.