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Business Overview

Asahi Net operates business on its core business platform of internet connection service. We develop and market related services that form an infrastructure for communication.
Asahi Net
Asahi Net offers variety of services utilizing internet.

Business Strategy


We operate business based on the concept of generating new forms of communication consistently and maintaining them.

Seize the growing demand of IoT/M2M and accelerate in expanding ISP business


Sales of internet connection services for business users are increasing.

With the recent trend in the industry showing a rapid growth in demand of IoT and M2M markets, our internet connection services are used in wider variety of fields such as POS cash register system, surveillance camera, digital signage, security system, Wi-Fi and internet VPN. A positive trend in increase is expected to be experienced in these fields.

Seeing such trend, we have been focusing to provide cloud-based camera solution utilizing dedicated access line, and internet connection services for commercial-use devices used in shops and stores of retail, restaurant and service industries.

We are expanding our ISP business by adapting the services we offer to the market that expects to see a growth.

Shift in revenue profile through building out of IPv6 network


Internet connection services have been used mainly for web browsing at homes and offices. With the rise of IoT and M2M, more things now have telecommunication function that leverage internet. Such trend in demand is remarkably rising in business utilization. In addition, with the internet becoming higher in speed and capacity, use of video streaming services is expanding. Naturally, internet traffic is in an increasing trend, and this is no exception in Asahi Net.

In light of such trends, Asahi Net became the pioneer among ISP to build out a native IPv6 network in 2017. The network enables provision of services that are higher in quality.

We will shift our revenue profile to that minimizes cost increase even when communication traffic rises, and aim for high revenue through expansion of sales.

manaba - Target to gain a leading position in the country for learning management system


manaba is a learning management system (LMS) which Asahi Net started providing in 2007.

Along with the widespread use of LMS in universities, the trend in LMS implementation has changed from department or faculty basis to institution-wide basis, which has recently became the major stream. In the light of domestic market growing year by year, manaba has acquired a leading market share. This was led by positive market response to the simple and high usability of manaba, which is one of its features, and the low initial cost made possible by it being offered as a cloud service.

More schools are implementing manaba on an institution-wide basis. Implementation of course survey option, which allows online evaluation of courses by the students, is also in an increasing trend.
Run on the platform of manaba, which many of the teachers and students use on a daily basis, course survey features a high response rate. Teachers are able to see response from the students in graphics and on the spot.

To support schools that have implemented manaba to be able to use the service on a long-term basis, Asahi Net focuses to promote the use of manaba through hosting seminars and creating content that supports the use of the service.

We aim to generate a stable profit through manaba business, and to maintain a reliable Learning Management System, which is now most widely used in the country.

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