Business Summary

Our Business

We manage and develop our Internet connection service Asahi Net, with various products that provides a new communication platform.
Asahi Net
We develop a variety of web-based communication platforms that facilitates and innovate our life.

Our Business Strategy


Based on our mission of creating innovative communication platforms, we continue to develop business strategy towards the future.

Creating Dynamic ISP Model with More Demands in IoT/M2M Communications


We have a growing number of Internet service orders from business users.

Demand for IoT/M2M (machine-to-machine) communication is rapidly rising and we see stable growth in Internet connection service to be utilized in variety of fields, such as POS system, surveillance camera, digital signage, security system, Wi-Fi, and virtual private network.

We provide a machine-to-machine Internet connection service to small businesses, such as our cloud-based surveillance camera system with a customer-dedicated network line.

We strongly feel the necessity of expanding and applying our conventional ISP business into a new type of market demands.

Restructuring our Profit-making Scheme with the IPv6 Communication


The conventional Internet connection that has been utilized for web browsing is now expanding its ability into the field of IoT/M2M(Machine-to-Machine) communications. This trend is highly noticeable in working environment. The demand for high quality, high capacity of network communication is rising, also with more individuals using for video viewing. There is no question that the network traffic continues to be on the rise.

With this prospect in mind, in 2017, we have established the IPv6 network for the first time among ISPs in Japan. This will achieve better communication quality and cost stability even in the high traffic hours, generating higher margin of profit in a long-term.

Our profit model restructuring launched in 2016, aims the double objective of expanding sales and limiting cost in the time of high network traffic.

Expansion of Institution-wide Implementation of manaba


manaba is Asahi Net’s learning management system/electronic portfolio both marketed and supported by Asahi Net.

With the Japan's governmental initiatives of "Active-learning" imposed by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, there is a growing attention to the "flipped classroom" model of learning.

Our learning management tool manaba has been developed to effectively incorporate the new learning style in educational institutions. As of March 2017, we have 76 schools that uses manaba institution-wide.

With a demand for a dynamic multi-participating live survey system, we also provide our active learning application, respon, which collects, share and consolidate comments exchanged in classrooms, and generate graphical at-a-glance picture of survey results if necessary. This innovative technology creates new form of learning experience with the exciting on-live settings.

We continue to strive creating a new value in education with the active marketing of manaba.

  • respon is a registered trademark of respon, Inc.

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